Ray and Lynn Varey

Ray seeks a position as a Director or Head of School
Lynn seeks a position as an ESL teacher

We are interested in working in an international school as a couple. Between us, we have a broad range of skills and experience that will be an asset in any school community.


Ray has an Honors B.A. in English and History and a M. Ed. in Educational Administration.

He has provided excellent leadership as the Director of QSI Kosice, an international school in Slovakia. He worked with his staff and community to have the school fully accredited for grades K to 12. He has enjoyed his career as an excellent classroom teacher of English and Social Studies and fifteen years as a vice principal in three secondary schools.

These schools ranged from an academic academy adjacent to a university to a multicultural school with 1300 students from over forty countries. He has taught in the UK and has been an instructor of teachers in the Caribbean.

He has been selected for a number of international and national programs based on his classroom and extra curricular activities. He is positive, energetic, friendly, creative, articulate, hard working and a team player.


Lynn has worked in schools for 22 years. She has a certificate in ESL/EFL.

She worked successfully teaching ESL for three years at both the American School of Kosova, Pristhina, Kosova, and the QSI Kosice, an international school in Slovakia.

She also taught elementary PE during this time period to students aged 6 to 11. She created an “Intervention and Support Program” for ESL students in both elementary and secondary schools in Canada.

Lynn has worked as a Head Office Administrator in charge of six office assistants in a school of 1300 students, with a staff of 80 and three administrators.

She has been a library technician and worked in a university bookstore. Lynn brings with her a broad range of skills, including a positive attitude that is an asset in any school.


Professional comments about Ray:

“Ray Varey has demonstrated strong leadership. He arrived at the school in the middle of the self-study required for the school’s first accreditation. Unfortunately, Mr. Varey inherited a situation where little was completed on the accreditation self-study prior to his arrival. His leadership  resulted in the school being awarded full accreditation.

One quote from the accreditation validation’s team visit was, ‘For whatever reason, Mr. Varey had inherited a situation where parents were not pleased with the program and were quite critical of the school. Since his arrival, the situation has dramatically changed. The school atmosphere has turned around.’ Thanks to Mr. Varey’s vision the school has a clear sense of direction and plan for the future.”

E. Michael Tewalthomas, Director of Operations, Quality Schools International

“Mr. Varey displays strong leadership skills characterized by careful, conservative planning, and close attention to details. Staff members and students respect him. He is a hard worker. I have participated in several of his staff meetings and observed a non-flamboyant, effective, leadership style. He is a professional……

Mr.Varey is quick to learn and accepts new ideas and suggestions. Since his previous experience has been in Canadian schools he had to make a quick transition from Canadian to American educational planning, from a North American to a Central European lifestyle. He has strong verbal and written communication skills, communicating frequently and thoroughly. He meets deadlines.”

Philip Sylla, Formerly, Projects Director Quality Schools International and Regional Supervisor QSI Kosice and currently, Head of School, The International School, Portland

Letter of Reference

 Professional comments about Lynn:

“Upbeat, supportive and efficient, Lynn quickly forges special relationships with community members and colleagues.”

Philip Sylla, Formerly, Projects Director Quality Schools International and Regional Supervisor QSI Kosice and now, currently Head of School, The International School, Portland, Oregon

“Lynn has demonstrated the flexibility and sensitivity that is needed to meet the varied needs of our ESL students. She possesses the skills, patience and a strong understanding of the methodology needed of someone who teaches ESL to a special group of teens.”

Mike Cimba, Head of ESL, Barton Secondary School, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

“Lynn Varey has worked full time for Quality Schools International since July 2005 as a teacher/office coordinator at our school QSI Kosice, in Slovakia. She teaches Intensive English and P.E. to elementary students. Lynn Varey was the co-coordinator of the school’s accreditation committee. Lynn was responsible for much of the organization behind the success of the process for accreditation. She has a significant impact on the school morale. She and her husband, Ray’s efforts have made a lasting contribution to the school and to the community.”

E. Michael Tewalthomas, Director of Operations, Quality Schools International

“Lynn Varey was able to create a very trustful relationship. Due to the very intensive and interesting way Lynn Varey created the English lessons, our daughters were able to learn quickly and to integrate easily into their normal classes. Only eight months after our daughters joined the school, they were able to prepare full presentations and present them to their class and a group of parents. These tremendous successes t became possible because of the sensitive and hearty disposition of Mrs. Varey and her interesting lessons.”

Oliver & Anja Kroll, Parents at QSI Kosice


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