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  • Internation school teacher of math/science using education software to instruct a female business school student Classroom teacher applying visuals to instruct elementary students Science and Math teachers are in high demand
  • School Librarian behind bookshelves School Librarian behind bookshelves Librarians are wanted!
  • Infographic: paid visa, relocation, free housing, health insurance, airfare Infographic: paid visa, relocation, free housing, health insurance, airfare
  • Female teacher in front of ancient Greek ruins Female teacher in front of ancient Greek ruins
  • Female teacher of Social Studies in front of chalkboard Female teacher of Social Studies in front of chalkboard School administrators are needed around the world
  • A principal and his secretary in the school corridor A principal and his secretary in the school corridor
  • Senior school male educator, senior years Senior school male educator, senior years
  • Primary classroom teacher surrounded by African schoolchildren Primary classroom teacher surrounded by African schoolchildren You can make a difference

Now recruiting for 2019-2020!

Tax-free jobs in Europe, Asia, America, Pacific and beyond

quote Thanks for your cooperation over these past months. It was an example of how Internet business can be done well, these are not common!

—Nancy Varga, HR Manager
U.S. Army in Europe

US Army Europe

CV / Resume Sample Templates for Teachers

The CV and Résumé Sampler

The unstoppable CV/Résumé templates from the experts.

The ONLY templates designed specifically for the international teaching market!

Updated for the current recruiting season

Mark Webber

quote In just a couple of weeks my wife and I have found the ideal teaching positions for next year.

The abundance of jobs posted on JoyJobs on a daily basis makes it easy to find a job even for hard to place teachers such as myself (Drama).

The only thing I would say to anyone thinking about signing up for Joyjobs is... if you are not using Joyjobs, then you aren’t seriously looking for employment.”

—Mark Webber

Teacher enrollment and recruitment

Germany Educator

quote Just wanted to let you know that on June 4th I signed a contract to teach 2nd grade in Germany. I was hired after two phone interviews, never did get to a job fair.

If it hadn't been for Joyjobs, I would have never been hired. I got calls from Amsterdam and the one in Weimar and decided to accept the Weimar one.

Even at my age (over 60) I was hired. I've already recommended your website to 4 other people!”

—Sharon, Alaska

Aberdeen, Scotland, Teacher

quote My husband has accepted a position at the International School of Aberdeen, Scotland, our first choice! Your website was absolutely invaluable.”

—P. N.

Kobe, Japan, Educators

quote We ended up with 11 possible interviews, we kindly turned down 6 and of the 5 we attended, we had 3 job offers! We were thrilled.

We would not have had the success we did without Joyjobs!”

—Stacie and Nathan
Kobe, Japan

Physics, Hong Kong

quoteThe best part of your service is that you connect educators to schools that have real need; you rank among the best.

I must confess that your charge is nothing compared to what you offer. ”

—Christian Wu
Hong Kong


Teacher Melodie

quote Your website was of tremendous help.

I was offered a number of posts during first interviews on the Friday and I accepted the one I had set my heart on right from the beginning.

Everything has just clicked into place.”


International Jobs for Certified Teachers, Counselors, Librarians and Administrators. Primary and Secondary Schools. International CV/Resume Service.

As a teacher, you can live and work anywhere in the world!

Teaching is a unique occupation.

As an educator, you can live and work in Rome, Madrid, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, London, Hong Kong, Vienna, Dubai — virtually anywhere in the world!

Wanted: US, UK, Canadian, NZ, AU and International Educators for:

Arts, Music, PE, Math, Science, Social Studies, English, French, Spanish, Drama, Economics, Humanities, History, Geography, Special Education, Computer, Elementary / Primary Classroom AND MORE

Also needed:

•Counselors, •Librarians, •Principals, •Department Heads, •Curriculum Coordinators •Administrators

Why Joyjobs?

Allison Myers, JFK International School - Berlin, Germany

Lisa Guadalajara, Job Fair - 6 offersI am definitely spoiled by the small class sizes, relaxed student rules, diligent student body, and incredible parent involvement; not to mention the fabulous (never boring) city of Berlin. The trains are so great, I hope I never have to drive again. 

I earn nearly 1/3 more here than I do in the States, am able to travel everywhere in Europe, and still put lots of money in savings. I can't imagine teaching the way I was in the States. All of Pam's advice was right. I feel like I finally started living!

—Allison Myers, Joyjobs Member
John F Kennedy International School - Berlin, Germany

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A word of caution

... So, you want a comfortable tax-free salary, paid housing and utilities, health cover, relocation / shipping allowances, annual round trip airfare, paid vacations, renewal bonuses, end of service gratuity and a retirement plan. And you are looking for free "help wanted" ads?


Life-changing decisions, such as moving abroad, require careful planning. Reliable information is absolutely critical.

“I'm trying to help my daughter and boyfriend... the experience upon arriving is horrid. They were literally driven 3 hours away from the airport and "dumped". The provided room and board are horrid. No mattress so they can't sleep! They have no phone, no contact numbers, there absolutely no English to be found. All I know it was through the internet they found this. Please help! Debbie”

'Later' is usually too late.


Procrastination is the #1 killer mistake.

International schools need extra time to arrange your visas, flights and relocation.

Most countries require background checks and health clearances before your work visa can be issued.

For August / September start, most recruitment is done in winter. Don't put it off until later because "later" is usually too late.

How Pro-Active Recruitment Works

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Yes, there are thousands of excellent openings all over the world but nobody is offering decent contracts by email. To land a job, you have to get involved in the recruitment process.

Many candidates don't know the difference between CIS, DODEA, ISS, American and British international schools, and how the recruitment works. They seem baffled by the recruiting timelines, CVs, reversed school calendars, international job fairs and work visa requirements ─ all that defines the international teaching market. 

And as long as your current job gives you professional and financial satisfaction you couldn't care less.

Until, one day, you decide to give it a break and go overseas to look for greener pastures. Suddenly, the choices and questions become maddening! Should you invest $3,000 in a trip to Europe to look for work? Will your current teaching credential be valid? Do you need to take ESL classes or learn a foreign language? 

Should you spend $1,000—$1,600 on a 2-3 day seminar offered by some companies? How to approach the prospective employers? When? Where to find them? Are there any special requirements? What salary/benefits package should you expect? How do you know if it is a reliable school? How about application forms? How do you access the current vacancies?

The more you research all the different options, the more confusing the decision gets. 

It's enough to make a person grow hair on the bottom of their feet! What the heck is an “overseas recruiting fair,” and where are they? How else can I apply for a job? What are my chances? How about my husband (wife)?

Foot in the doorHow to get your foot in the door

Incredible but true: many people still approach their overseas job search as if it were some local school district.

As a result of these misguided efforts, lots of potentially good candidates are grounded before they even get the recruitment process going.

Meanwhile, our members report multiple job offers. What is the secret? The answer is surprisingly simple:

—If you want to be successful, find someone who achieved the results you want and copy what they do, and you'll achieve the same results!

It's called "common sense". However, lots people skip the research stage and go directly to the expensive job fairs — only to lose to one of our candidates.

The Joyjobs advantage

Tried and tested, since 1998
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International teaching vacanciesDaily job vacancies — all subject areas and age levels, 24/7.

Job GuideThe Job Guide. Step-by-step, no nonsense. New this year: Skype interviews. Do not accept a contract until your read this guide Surprises await even the experienced.

Your recruitment siteYour personal recruitment website. Submit your info and we'll make you shine.

Shane, Elementary Classroom Teacher

Lisa Guadalajara, Job Fair - 6 offersI have been using Joyjobs for the past 2 years now and it has gotten me a job relatively effortlessly.

I have had numerous administrators tell me how wonderful and easy it was for them to navigate through my personal website.

I would highly recommend this service as they are very professional and extremely prompt with having your edited information up on your webpage virtually within hours. I will continue to be a member as I travel the globe and teach! —Shane Remenda, Canada

You will also have access to the following essential details:

International recruitment fairsInternational job fairs: schedules and locations. USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Dubai, and other countries. Plan ahead!

School warnings and alertsThe black list. This dedicated section is where we list questionable schools and administrators. Check it out before signing a contract!

Lisa Guadalajara, Job Fair - 6 offersMexico I went to the Iowa job fair, secured 9 interviews, cancelled the last 3 and got 6 job offers! I will be spending the next 2 years teaching for the American School in Guadalajara!

I found your program to be very thorough and your school directory was invaluable! I will keep reading all of the updates and job postings (for curiosity's sake). Thanks for all! —Lisa, Alberta

Who dares, wins!

Why do overseas schools love our candidates?

Because they are P-R-E-P-A-R-E-D. They know how the system works. Recruiters do not waste their time.

Erroneous assumptions ground even the best applicants. Regardless of their domestic experience, they are no competition to a well-informed Joyjobs candidate!

Many countries continue to develop rapidly. As a whole, the international teaching market remains very competitive. To win a good contract, you must look and act like an seasoned international educator.

International Schools, Interviews - MottLisa Guadalajara, Job Fair - 6 offersWhat a wonderful program – truly top notch! I just received my second job offer. These are real offers! And I still have a month to go before my first recruiting fair, where I already have been able to prearrange interviews with several schools. You really know how to do it right, and you really know how to teach others to do it too!

Please feel free to share my comments as well as my joyjobs inspired CV and portfolio on your site. For my part, I will do all that I can to let people know what a great job you folks do!

—Dwight Mott , New York

Lisa Guadalajara, Job Fair - 6 offers

Joyjobs was one of the first websites we visited when we began to consider teaching overseas. It contains valuable information to consider regarding making the decision to move, steps to take during the job search to be most effective and interview techniques that land you job offers.

Whenever we had questions, we emailed and within a few hours either Igor or Pamela had written back with sound feedback. They and their website are invaluable. After we chose the job we wanted from several offers, Joyjobs was the one we sent thanks to.

Now as we start our search for our second position overseas, we are back with Joyjobs their focus on helping each person reach his/her goal and their willingness to share information for an incredibly reasonable price make them our first choice and our favorite as we move into the market again.

―Sarah & Rick Branson

job offers

Taking the first step is the most difficult thing to do.

You may not be ready yet. Take your time to think it over. No rush.

Don't sign a contract unless you are fully committed. You are a free agent until you sign on the dotted line.

Once recruited, your job contract is a binding obligation. You are expected to report to your new school and country.

—Is it going to work for me?

Let's admit it: recruitment is highly individual. Much depends on the quality of your application, CV, and refrences. (We'll give you the best templates, samples and options.)

But it's also about your personality and how you manage job interviews (use our proven tactics!)

Your age, nationality, and family situation will also play a role. Some people get hired instantly, while it's a lot of work for others.

Whatever your personal circumstances, the critical part is your access to the current jobs and recruitment tools such as CV/Resume optimization.

Teaching overseas is an exiting and liberating experience. Why not take a chance? All kinds of candidates get hired as soon as they follow our guidelines.

Our job is to make you the best candidate you can be. We know how to do it.

JOYJOBS is the first and the last site you are going to need. Seriously, give it a try. It will be the single best thing you've done this year!

—So, how do I begin?

Good question!

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