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Joyjobs quotesYou'll certainly get an interview— on first glance, there's nothing wrong with your CV, and a first glance is all you'll get."

—Recruitment Director

Formatting advice

Screen readability is the number one priority. There are several areas to be concerned about.

For example, many monitors are calibrated to their highest brightness. As a result, normal blacks appear too contrasty!

Solution. To compensate for the extra contrast, format your fonts with gray instead of pure back.

For best results, use our new

CV/Resume Sampler


Joyjobs quotes I have a pending interview this afternoon, through your site. Just waiting to hear from the administrator.

You guys are great! I can't find the breadth of info on international school and their contacts anywhere else!”

Elementary Classroom Teacher

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Joyjobs quotesThanks so much for the awesome website! I got a job in Belgium in the 1st month that I signed up! Great website, great help. Thanks again.”

Sarah K.
Music Teacher

Sarah, music

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Your CV must outperform your competition

The CV/Resume Sampler

We all fail at things. Even Joyjobs members, most of us being pretty privileged and naturally capable, fail at one thing catastrophically: writing CVs.

CVs seem super weak for most people, even those coming from professional resume writing services, that charge hundreds of dollars.

For example, almost every one of those expensive CVs includes the dreaded "Objective" or "Mission Statement". Schools hate to read it. Why would anyone want to include it? Because this is what resume writers practice.

As a result, people include all kinds of silly things, like "realizing my potential", "finding a progressive school", "learning about the world", "expanding my horizons" and so on.

What's wrong with that? First off, it's all about YOU and YOUR needs, while an application should be about the employer. ----------------->

Isn't it delusional to believe that the goal of a school recruiter is to fulfil the candidate's desires? If your CV has "an objective" which lists your personal prefrences and interests you are on the wrong track from the very start.

To be interesting, reverse your CV's orientation towards the employer. Give the schools what THEY want.

A weak CV means you have to apply for 100's of jobs and still get nowhere.

Slim is in

Understandably, most of us feel uncomfortable about leaving out information. After all, we poured hours on it. It's part of our life experience. So how to oblige to the 2-page rule? Most people minimize the font size. Then they eliminate the margins. And they keep all they precious stuff intact.

Why do you think schools insist on 2 pages? Is it because they like to read with a magnifying glass? Perhaps they do not want all that stuff that we pile up on them?

In fact, many schools are so annoyed with verbose CVs that they stopped accepting them altogether. To apply, you must now fill out an online form that will only take an allocated amount of words.

Seriously, put your CV on a diet and exercise it until it's in top shape!

Follow the Qi

Recruiters process CVs in the same way as you would look at somebody's Facebook page: by checking out points, and jumping from section to section. This type of reading is called scanning, (vertical and horizontal.) Your CV must remain coherent when it's read in this manner. To maximize its readability, delete all clutter. Leave only the most valuable elements.

Your key points must stand out, and their progression must be unobstructed.

The typical obstructions include:

Silly fonts

Vertical lines / sidebars

Background images

Varied font types and sizes

Extended text lines

Fancy bullet points

A lot of bullet points

Large blocks of text

Page borders

It's all about a clear structure and a few internationally-specific elements. (International CVs must include some information that domestic resumes do not usually have.) Done right, a simple Times New Roman, 12 point document will easily outperform a comparable $300 piece from a resume-writing house.

Get the Sampler!

Our new CV/ Resume Sampler has it all taken care of. The pre-formatted templates are designed specifically for the international teaching market. This eliminates the common errors that plague so many new candidates.

The templates also reflect the newest tendencies in the CV writing, such as bypassing an "objective", postal/street addresses and other nuances. Sign up for an account to start downloading.

The CV and Resume Sampler for download

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