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Job Quote I have used JoyJobs twice in the past six years to find overseas jobs. I secured a position in Lithuania for three years through JoyJobs that was wonderful. I then found a job in Moscow with JoyJobs that I will sadly leave this year in search of warmer temperatures.

Each time the people at JoyJobs made my search easy and successful!

I cannot recommend their services enough as they are the biggest bargain in terms of money and time that I’ve found. I am certain that they’ll help me find my next posting as well.

Lisa Jackson, International School Lithuania

―Lisa Jackson, Texas

Job QuoteWe followed all your advice and came away with jobs from our first choice of schools. We didn't even have to go to a job fair! Just from sending out our webpage, we had many schools very interested. We had a number of job offers just from the webpage and also others from telephone interviews. You really opened our eyes to see how it is supposed to be done.”

Mark and Amy, Teachers
—Mark and Amy



Job QuoteJust announcing that at the UNI fair (first time attending) I received three contracts - one in Art (Cairo), another in Art / Computer combination
(Honduras), and another in Computers (Mali).

I had 13 schools request interviews with me - I had to turn some interviews down simply because of time limitations. I ended up choosing the computer job in Mali, a great rare opportunity to design a computer lab the way I want to - in a school of 80 students!

The JoyJobs website for my resume proved to be a great resource for prospective schools. I have recommended JoyJobs to others looking for an overseas teaching job. A real find! ”


Recruitment Tools

Your success depends on a few factors. Surprisingly, your teaching ability is not the most important one. 

Over the years, we have seen many brilliant teachers who were not very successful in finding positions that matched their potential.

We have also met mediocre individuals who have no problem landing new lucrative contracts, year after year. This discrepancy led us to the conclusion:

Most good teachers are not great at self-promotion

recruitment made easy

Most good teachers focus primarily on teaching, underestimating the importance of job-related information and recruiting skills.

Many excellent teachers find themselves at a disadvantage in comparison to those who concentrate their efforts on establishing contacts, maintaining connections and developing their negotiating skills — irrespective of their teaching ability.

This is especially true for the international teaching market where you are not represented by any union. You are on your own and can rely only on yourself.

For many educators, the real problem is in shifting their attention from teaching to developing their job hunting skills and learning the recruitment "know-how."

There are about 35,000 American, Australian, NZ, British and Canadian teachers working overseas right now. They change schools and countries every 2-5 years, moving from Athens to Rome, Tokyo to Rio de Janeiro and so on.

These are rewarding positions, with established K-12 international schools, offering comfortable tax-free packages. The family atmosphere of many of these schools create outstanding conditions for professional growth. Are you interested?

Break free from the old rut

Are you tired of never receiving a response to your job inquiries? Do you feel overwhelmed and undervalued? Your work unappreciated? Well, these days are over!

Don't allow false assumptions to remain a roadblock between you and your dream job. Break free from the old rut. The opportunities are abundant and many schools are dying to hear from you.

Discover the win-win approach to overseas contracts. Your new life is about to begin!

Step One: Clearing False Assumptions

I’m too old . . .
I’m too young . . .
I'm overqualified . . .
I’ve no experience . . .
They told me I couldn’t . . .
They told me I wasn't supposed to . . .

Challenge your assumptions to envision reality. Strip away those “I’m not enoughs.” Step into that place where you are enough. It is here, it is now. Claim it.

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Health / Sportsquote I just want to say a huge THANK YOU for your program. I have spent the past 5 years teaching overseas and have loved every experience it provided. Both the good and and not so great.

Sadly, I recently suffered two semi-debilitating injuries and will no longer be able to teach sports. Since I'm not interested in teaching with a 9mm as a part of my supplies it means I've reached the end of my teaching adventure altogether. Happy it ended with a jaunt overseas. I just wanted to let you know that I think the world of your program and happily recommend it to everyone who asks me about international teaching.”

Adrienne Harris
Teacher of Health / Physical Education
Colorado / Germany

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