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International Packages, Annual

Singapore, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Berlin, Tokyo, Rome and other world-class cities are home to many international schools of various types: US, UK, CA, AU, NZ, Swiss, German, French, etc. These are established employers that offer comfortable tax-free packages, housing, flights, and other perks.

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Nursery Teacher for Ages 4-6
Salary: €37,182 - €60,088 plus benefits

Alicante, Spain

Salary: €40,050 to €67,199 Euros


Salary: €40,050 to €67,199 Euros

Belgium - Brussels (Woluwé)

Salary: €40,050 to €67,199 Euros

Varese, Italy

Salary: €40,050 to €67,199 Euros

Belgium, Brussels (Ixelles)

Salary: €52,383- €89,039 plus benefits

Alicante, Spain

Salary: €52,383- €89,039

The Department for Education and Skills invites applications from suitably qualified teachers who hold a degree or equivalent and have ideally at least 5 years' teaching experience for the following post, commencing 1 September

Belgium - Brussels (Woluwé)

Secondary €52,383 to €89,039

Compensation Package

Salary: SCIS offers a competitive salary package that reflects the years of experience a faculty member has accrued. For those faculty with 3-8 years our base salary begins at $49,000, at 8-12 years it is $51,000, and for those with more than 13 years of experience, the starting salary is $53,000. Those faculty members with Masters or Doctorate degrees will be provided enhancements of $2,000 or $4,000 to their base salary respectively.

Host Country Taxes: SCIS will pay, on your behalf, all of the People’s Republic of China taxes accrued from your salary. Retirement/Personal Savings All eligible faculty members will receive $3,000.00 in each of the first two years of employment. Thereafter, the payment will increase by $500 per year to a maximum of $5,500

Health Care: SCIS provides international faculty members with major health insurance which offers coverage worldwide, excluding the US (comprehensive emergency care is covered within the US).

Housing: School provides housing for the first school year and a housing allowance the second year of employment and beyond.

Airfare: SCIS will provide each teacher with US$3,000 for an annual travel supplement upon submission of the airfare receipt, ticket, and boarding pass. An additional supplement is given for one dependent child per teacher (US$ 500 if under the age of 2 and US$ 1,250 if age 2 year or older.

Displacement Allowance: SCIS will pay a displacement allowance of US$1,000 for each new teacher upon his/her arrival in Shanghai in August. (first year only)

Extra Baggage Allowance: SCIS offers a one-time extra baggage allowance for actual costs up to the maximum amount of US$1,500 payable after the presentation of applicable receipts (reimbursable for the first year only).

Utilities: SCIS will pay, on your behalf, utility expenses of up to US$1,500 per year.

Transportation Cards: SCIS will provide each faculty member RMB 2,000 (approximately $300) to support their transportation needs.

Wellness: SCIS will provide each faculty up to RMB2,000 (approximately $300) receipt-based benefit to support health, wellbeing, and general wellness efforts.

Paid Maternity Leave: Available after the 2nd year of employment.

Annual Health Check: SCIS will provide each faculty up to $500 for an annual health checkup.

Dental Wellness: SCIS will provide each faculty member up to RMB3,000 (approximately $450) receipt-based benefit to support annual dental checkups and health.

School Provided Lunch: SCIS will provide cafeteria lunch to faculty on all school days.

Professional Development: SCIS’ provides professional development funding on an annual basis. For the initial two year contract, this amounts to $1,000.00 along with access to additional professional development experiences that are covered directly by the school. In a faculty member’s third year and beyond they may receive up to $1,500.00 in professional development funding.

Student Tuition and Fees: All SCIS overseas hired teachers’ school-age children have SCIS tuition and fees covered up to two children if both parents are teaching and up to one child for a single teacher or a teacher with a non-teaching spouse. Tuition for additional children above the allowance is provided at a discounted amount. All children must meet admission requirements.

Technology: SCIS provides each faculty member with the use of a school-owned Apple laptop.

Leaves of Absence: Personal Leave, Sick Leave, Compassionate Leave, and Professional Leave.

Recruitment Leave: Up to 4 paid recruitment leave days (extended with 1 personal leave day) may be taken by an overseas-hired teacher in his/her third or more year, with pre-arrangement and approval of the Administration.

Source: Shanghai Community International School (SCIS)

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Salary Scales

Teacher Salary Scale, Euro|

*Salaries are calculated on the basis of calendar months and not on the number of days worked. Salaries are paid in arrears at the end of each month.

It has been very exciting to realize how much is out there if you just know where to look! So don't stop with those updates! ―Elizabeth

After years of watching the many different vacancies from all around the world of your site whilst I have been travelling I have finally made a 2 year commitment to work in Kuwait. Your advice and structure on developing my best job application helped me immensely with many schools noting how tech savvy and professional my web page was. Once again, keep up the great work. —Marcus

Teacher's package, Japan:

–The school provides a competitive salary and benefits package.

–Full health, disability and life insurance coverage

–Relocation (airfare) allowance (for teacher and one dependent)

–Housing allowance

–Annual home leave

–Retirement (pension) plan

–Generous budget for professional development

–Tuition fee waiver for dependent children

–A travel and shipping allowance, reimbursed on the production of receipts

–A school-issued MacBook Pro

–A ‘settling in’ allowance to assist with the expense of moving

–Reimbursement of visa and visa-related expenses (if applicable)

–Sick, personal, and bereavement leave

–Bonuses (contract completion bonus, extra duty bonus, severance bonus)

–Resigning bonus.


–Starting salary range: 88,500 - 93,000 Swiss Francs (US$89,952 - US$94,526)

–Taxes will vary depending upon taxable income, marital status, number of dependents and place of residence

–Savings potential will depend upon the specific family situation and lifestyle.

–A relocation allowance (receipts are not required) is offered for teacher positions

–A set moving allowance (receipts not required) and relocation assistance is offered

–Full-time teaching staff with children would pay 10% of full tuition fees

–The school covers the cost of disability insurance

–The school and employee contribute to the employee pension fund.

–Number of contract days: 175-180

Source: International School Basel          


Joyjobs has been a great tool for me through the years! I always recommend your site whenever people ask for advice on teaching overseas! Thanks again.

— Susannah

Germany Educator

I have 3 job offers so far! I turned 2 down, and now I am deciding between two places. One is for the American Overseas School of Rome for a 2nd or 3rd grade position. The other option, which I am still waiting to hear about, is for a LD Coordinator in the American School of Barcelona.

—Beth in Spain

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