The Application Game

  A successful job hunt requires both focus and flexibility. Focus means you understand your specifics to eliminate impractical goals. Flexibility means you are prepared for the unexpected.

For example, if you are Canadian there are no jobs for you with the US Department of Defense schools; it would be a waste of time to pursue it, as the DoDDS, by law, can only hire US citizens.

If you are not certified it would be a waste of time to go after those countries that require certification, as a government condition to grant a work visa.

If you have dependents there is no sense in trying to win a job with the schools that have a no-dependents policy.

If you are an unmarried couple, or a gay couple,  stay away from Middle East and Christian schools. Some schools don't hire smokers, etc.

Because of innumerable combinations of skills, experiences, qualifications, preferences and personal situations a universal approach is impossible.

Generally, there are jobs for everyone. But you must narrow down your search by eliminating unrealistic options in order to save time and maximize the results.

Your Winning Strategy

Many people go straight to our Vacancy Logs and apply to the announced jobs. It is a useful, practical strategy, especially if you are pressed for time, or if it is late in the recruitment season.

If this is what you prefer,  go ahead.  You can apply to these jobs today, no special preparation is needed. Use your current CV / résumé  in addition to the other usual files that the schools ask for.

The option we advocate, however, is to customize one of the templates from the CV and Resume Sampler, and submit your Summary, References and Photographs to us first. We covert your files into an online CV that we tailor specifically for international teaching jobs. This will allow you to make your search a bit more productive.

  • Do not email a set of application files as  attachments!  Send the link to your recruitment webpage instead. All the schools need is only a click away! Make it easy for them.

Remember, the schools are  more likely to click on your webpage than to open  an email that has attached files.

People are wary of attachments because of viruses and other security concerns. Besides, not all attachments can be opened on all computers. Many will not run unless your computers are compatible. Webpages do not have these problems.

Because your messages are  personalized, the school directors will actually read them. And because your résumé  is online the recruiters will actually open it,  as they are not afraid to catch a virus.

Instead of elbowing the crowds (if you see a job post, everyone else sees it, too!) try to think ahead. Use the webpage we build for you as your marketing engine! Send small feeler emails that point to your online CV. Get involved! You will be surprised how many hot leads you can generate!

(*TIP: Read  the Insider Secrets to learn how to create catchy messages, "teasers", that always generate response. )

As a result, your applications hit the targets while your competitors end up in the trash folder.

Why do email applications fail?

A. Incoming messages are often blocked by the schools' spam filters.

B. Candidates ignore our advice on personalizing and formatting their applications
(Almost 90% of your competition will still be using "To Whom It May Concern Approach" - no matter what!).

C. Emails include attachments
(Many people are unaware that they have a virus and broadcast infected applications!)

D. Bad timing. Schools close for vacations.

E. You procrastinated and did not send any.



I found employment through JoyJobs and I couldn't be happier.  I'm working  in Montenegro. Thank you JoyJobs!

Karen K.


“The webpage you created for me really helped me to get my teaching job in Weimar, Germany.... That with 2 phone calls netted me 3 job offers... did not even go to the job fairs.

I really appreciated your help and will use it again.  Thanks for all of your hard work on keeping this website active. ”

―Sharon Martin

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The Guarantee

We signed up with both Search and TIE and even went to the fair in London in January but left empty handed.

We spent a ton of money to basically watch the heads of schools window-shopping, so to speak, and not doing much hiring. Also there were so few positions at the fair.

Anyhow, the moment we signed up with joyjobs we started getting interviews and had several offers!!!!!! Thank you guys a lot!!!!

<name withheld>




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