I am a tireless worker, committed to the betterment of your school and community.

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I once heard, or perhaps read in a fortune cookie, "If I have an idea and you have an idea, then together we have four ideas." I seek a post where collaboration with colleagues is encouraged.

My expertise is in ESL and smaller group interactions and dynamics. This is what I am good at and what comes most naturally to me as an educator. I use methods pulled from many courses, but rely on direct teaching of structure, vocabulary and skills. I use charting and labeling, ABC charts, "no excuse" words, image walls, story boards, sentence patterning charts, realia, previewing vocabulary and lots of discussion to propel my students forward. Shared reading is also a key component.

I keep at my disposal a wide selection of children's literature. From 2000 - 2008 I worked for the Beaverton School District (Oregon USA) with an exceptional group of high quality educators where I was able to hone my craft to become the quality educator I am today. The school was single-minded and focused in its mission to bridge the literacy gap.

A move to Japan provided me the opportunity to work with middle and high school students. For the past five years the majority of my energies have happily been focused on working with older students. The secondary school principal at Fukuoka International School, Katherine Phillips, offered me many opportunities for growth. My training in IB English B has given me a fresh look at being an educator and a new career path to explore.

At FIS I recreated a leveled reading library using the data base from Beaverton. I also assembled a writing traits mentor text kit and a Ralph Fletcher Craft Writing Lessons kit. I am flexible and creative both in planning how to implement my program and in the implementation itself.

My teaching environment is cozy and interactive; I create an environment where my students feel safe to take the necessary risks to succeed with the language. On the walls are language functional materials we have created together in class. Admittedly, we spend a lot of time laughing and we have fun together.

I have passed the PNDS, the German equivalent of the TOEFL. I am also conversant in Spanish.

My Teaching Philosophy (click)


Build a community


Differentiate instruction

Encourage Everyone


Get along

Have fun

Inspire excellence


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joyjobs check mark“As Head of School, I have been thrilled that she contributed her time, energy, expertise, and passion to strengthen FIS. Her efforts have dramatically influenced the academic, enrichment, and social opportunities at this school.
Previously, ELL programs had failed to support classroom instruction or provide students with a scaffolded approach for English acquisition. Pamela's focused and persistent efforts have resulted in increased student success and faculty eagerness to team.”

Dr. Linda R. Gush, Director
Fukuoka International School, Japan
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joyjobs check mark“I have especially appreciated your artistic influence and hard work on the front showcase, the admin building display and the assembly video. Those are all memories I will treasure forever.”

—John Withers, Principal
Vose Elementary School, Beaverton, Oregon USA
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joyjobs check mark“This is to give my highest recommendation to Pamela Campbell who has worked for me at the International School for two years as Head Teacher, teacher of English and Social Studies to second through fifth grades, and as Faculty Representative to the Board of trustees and the PTA.
Aside from making English for our immersion students (Spanish, Japanese and Chinese) one of the most exciting and demanding parts of the day, Ms. Campbell has integrated music and art projects in many media into all the class work. The pleasure and hard work that is evident whenever one enters her classroom is a delight for visitors and for me any time of the day.
Ms. Campbell is a highly intelligent, patient, well read and creative person. She is wise and wonderfully intuitive about the needs of students with wide ranges of skills but great interest in doing well for her.”

—Helen Stevens Chinitz, Principal
The International School, Portland, Oregon USA
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joyjobs check mark“Ms. Campbell is incredibly creative. Her objective is always inclusive; she clearly has a "whole school" philosophy, which is based on a spirit of collaboration and working together in the best interests of student learning. She enjoys working with students and she listens to them; she is keenly aware of the social dynamics of her classes and each student's individual needs. Therefore, her insight is sought out by other teachers and the administration when discussing student progress.”

—Katherine Phillips, Secondary Principal
Fukuoka International School, Japan
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joyjobs check mark“Pamela is one of the finest teachers I have observed over the past twenty years. Pam has taught grade two at the Anglo-American school of Sofia for the past three years.
She is well-organized, well prepared for her lessons. She is child centered who is interested in the well-being of each child, emotionally and academically. Pam is the communicator with parents supreme.
She often writes very perceptive comments about a student's life in school. The parents really appreciate this aspect of Pam's teaching, that she knows their child so well and communicates her perceptions. I have heard rave reviews of Pam over the past two years.
Pam is not one dimensional. She has very lively lessons which are both interesting and challenging. She tries to individualize each lesson in terms of expectations. The children just adore her and at the same time respect her.
Pam is involved with several activities outside the classroom. She was elected by the staff as their representative to the School Board. She also served as the school's regional (CEESA) representative whereby Pam writes articles about our school's activities. In this medium you get a glimpse of the real Pam Campbell. She is an excellent writer with a tremendous sense of humor. When one meets Pam for the first time, you would not suspect the depth of her perception as an individual.”

—Eugene W. Vincent, Director
Anglo-Amereican School Sofia, Bulgaria

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Updated: March 15, 2015