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Everyone has Skype. If you do not - get it!  Skype can save you thousands of dollars in airfares, job fair registration and hotel expenses.

It's truly amazing that lots of teacher résumés we receive list only phone numbers and email addresses! For an international job hunter, to have no Skype account is an unforgivable mistake. Skype is free* and it's awesome.

The Secrets of Overseas Recruiting

OK, so you've determined your market, your strategy, and you've communicated with the potential schools and established some kind of rapport. You have interviews on schedule and you feel good. And your Skype is operational.

This is where most people stop. WRONG! This is where the real game begins. The most important thing is the the face-to-face job interviews with the overseas recruiters. Even if the school is offering a phone interview the same rules apply.

Because we have only a few job interviews in our lifetime most of us have little or no competitive skills  in this area.

Those who teach at public schools often underestimate the importance of a personal interview. Because the government recruiting is made as impersonal as possible many people think overseas schools are the same. Nothing is further from the truth!

Of course, the international recruiters will study your résumé,  too, but in the end it is  your personality that will determine if you get the job! The reason is that overseas schools are like a submarine's crew that must be compatible and supportive of each other.

Many first-time candidates don't do much to prepare for their interviews. They will arrive nervous, without a clue about what is going to happen.  Some people mask their insecurities by being arrogant or aggressive. Here's an email we received from a school recruiter:

On Thursday we interviewed until 6 - five candidates, each one better than the last. One guy was the top candidate and here he was today for an interview. He was not very impressive in person, poor thing. I am sure he thinks he has the job. Very arrogant, he dropped many points for all of us.”

Do not be like this guy! If you used our guidelines to establish initial contacts, your interviews are going to be a lot easier.

Remember that the recruiters are also under pressure.

Study the interview questions and interviewing methods provided the Guide. There are several key questions you MUST be prepared to answer. You need to know WHAT to say and HOW to say it.

You should also know what questions to ask. A candidate who does not ask any questions or asks the wrong questions takes a big risk. Most school directors like their schools and your silence may be understood as indifference, lack of interest, inexperience or worse. You will be judged by the questions you pose, so be ready! You job is to get the recruiter talking, rather than talk yourself. The more they try to sell you the school, the better your chances.





This worked on the first try. I have visited other international search companies the last few days, and they cost much more than your services. I have been very pleased with your service, especially these past two years. I will be sending you my updated CV later today to post to my website.

Also, just to let you know, I had a friend of mine who is a computer webpage expert look at my webpage that Joyjobs did for me, and he was very impressed with the professionalism it displayed.

So thank you very much, and I look forward to another great year of membership.

Cheryl C.

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