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Launch your site today!

 In less than a couple hours your recruitment statement will be available to the schools all over the world. Submit your information, and we'll design a webpage for you!

Increase your recruitment chances!  One step at a time. Add/remove details as needed.

Some people make their own sites using Google Docs,  blogs and other platforms. Since every such design is different, the schools often find them hard to navigate.  

Using blog software may compromise your privacy when the information is shared with the social networks. (If you are tagged on someone else's blog the link can re-appear in many other places without you knowing about it. And those pictures may not be the ones that you want to use in your job application!)

Our system is completely self-contained. Its design has been basically the same in the past 10 years, so the schools are very familiar with it.

In fact, the schools know our pages very well. They are optimized for speed and remote download. They do not include any content that stands between you and the recruiter.

Here's how it works (click on the images to open the actual page.)

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Header, Photo, Summary, CV (résumé )

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YouTube clip, Testimonials

Here's what John has to say

I've secured a great teaching position in Invercargill, South Island, New Zealand for the coming school year starting in January 2012.

This was made possible by the absolutely great advice and guidance you provided for me as I navigated through the sometimes complicated and quite involved process of securing an international teaching position.

I am absolutely convinced that my personal web-site that you helped me put together made all the difference.

The New Zealand bureaucracy is quite a challenge and those folks are not easily impressed !  But they were very impressed with my presentation.

Again, I want to state unconditionally that it was your expert help, guidance and ongoing support that made all the difference, thank you !!  Joy Jobs rocks !! :)

Sincerely, John McLelland - BMus (Honors), BEd.

Which pictures to choose?

Recruitment pictures have nothing to do with identification. Recruiters use pictures to obtain some information about you. Images  communicate some cultural messages, as well as provide some factual details that may be difficult to procure otherwise (ethnicity, age, cultural traits, physical shape, etc.) Tattoos, piercing, makeup, hairstyle, clothes - everything talks about you.

In fact, choosing your picture is one of the most serious decisions you are about to make. Do not just submit a photo because you have one lying around. A "bad" picture can actually ruin your application!

What is a bad picture? A bad photo may be perfectly fine in the usual sense. However, if it does not contribute to your professional mesage it is not the one you should be posting on your webpage / CV.

Most recreational, travel, party and otherwise "fun" snaps should be avoided. No food or drink around. Classroom/ work environment preferred. (Although every rule has exceptions, especially in the elementary / early years age groups, where the images can be quite creative.)

Not sure if you should look casual or formal? It's always safe to err on the formal side. It will show to the recruiter that you understand what international work entails.

In all the countries we've lived educators are supposed to look professional. Which usually means dress shoes, shirts, pants and jackets. A tie is expected. Many international schools have uniforms for the students and a  dress code for the faculty. Even when the school has no dress code the influence of the local culture is always substantial.

Better no photo at all than an inadequate, casual snapshot. Have a series of  photographs taken and send your choices to us for selection, color correction and processing.

Never forget that your recruitment webpage is about marketing!

Think of your picture as an advertising piece.

Before submitting your photo, ask yourself, "Does this picture reflect me in the best possible way? Personally and professionally? Will this photo inspire the school to hire me? (read my résumé?)"

Casual snaps do not work for recruitment!

Keep your party shots private

Should you crop a group photo? Non,  merci.

Invest in a professional portrait: a neutral background and balanced light do the magic.

Are you a teaching couple?

Here's a sample of a joint recruitment photo:

What we do with your images

Even fairly good images need some work before they can go online!

The most common improvement that we do on almost all submission is color correction.

The harsh light that intensifies skin imperfections is then softened.
(Light problems are most common, regardless of the camera, as few of us have professional lighting equipment.)

A background blur may be needed, if there are distracting details.

The pictures are cropped, resized  and compressed for speedy download.

Unfortunately, not all pictures can be saved. Small low rez files that are severely out of focus must be discarded.

Color Correction

Above: mild color correction and background blur.

More correction was needed for this image.

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