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Your professionalism is judged by your presentation.

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Introduce yourself in a professional manner. You only have one chance to make a good first impression.

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The schools do not see 'you'.
They see your cover photo.
Don't settle for a mediocre selfie.

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A professional presentation will separate you from the crowd of "typical" candidates.



How to apply

1. Login to the members' - click on Vacancies and run a job search. For example, enter "science" in the search box:

search box


2. The search results will show in the left-hand panel.

Click on any of them to display the details, links and application directions on the right:

search results for science


3. Use the provided contact information to submit your application. Most positions include deadlines, so pay attention!

For best results, have us design your Application pack first!

The 12 essential rules

Make sure to go through this checklist. Every one of these points can make or break your application.

job fair buttonThe email subject: state the position you are applying for. Be clear about it. Many applications never get opened because they fail to follow this basic rule.

job fair buttonGet to the point right away. Say who you are, what you teach, and when you want to start. Include your webpage link, e.g. “Click to view my photo, resume and references: http://joyjobs.com/cvs/bakersample.htm

job fair buttonDon’t waste time explaining how you found out about the job. Do not go into any details in your initial inquiry!

job fair buttonUse the school’s verbiage. Customize every application to match a particular job description.

For example, if your prospect school employs the term ELL, or English Language Learner, use ELL in your cover letter as well. (With other schools, it will be ESL, TESOL, EFL, Learner Support, Reading, English, Literacy, etc. — change your cover letter accordingly.)

job fair button Quash redundancy. Don't paste a copy of your cover letter on your webpage. It annoys the recruiters and you waste the precious space on top of the page.

job fair button Eliminate attachments. Nobody likes attached files: they slow down the work flow. Attachments are also the source of viruses and spyware.

The worst annoyance: receiving plain text as an attachment (e.g. references) when it could have been included in the body of the email!

Use your webpageFor best results, apply with your website!

To have your website made, send us the following:

Photo Your CV/resume and photo*

Summary Your summary and teaching philosophy**

Testimonials Testimonials (quotes)

* Please see the samples and directions on the members area
** Samples are provided

job fair buttonRespect your recipient's time! Large messages are not only rude (you lay big claims on the recruiter's time), but also counterproductive.

job fair buttonResist the temptation to add stuff! The absolutely worst situation is when a candidate sends four long paragraphs of turgid text followed by “Thoughts?

job fair button Use meaningful filenames.

Compare:  Good CVJohnson_Physics_CV.docx   and   CV correction My resume.docx

job fair buttonRefrain from sending generic copies. Schools ask in plain English, “Explain why you want to work here and how you can contribute.” The only way to get the recruiter's attention is to respond personally.

job fair button Praise is what your testimonials are for. Avoid unsubstantiated self-accolades.

Swing into action!

actionMusic teachers, art educators, non-native speakers, teachers of foreign languages, science, PE, self-contained classroom practitioners as well as many other applicants will benefit from YouTube videos and slideshows!

The basic rules: make it brief, make it to the point, and turn down the background music.


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