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Do not go abroad or even apply for an overseas job
until you read this page!

Surprisingly, many people still believe that the easiest way to secure overseas positions is to respond to employment advertisements.

Yes, we post a lot of international vacancies. In fact, we post them daily. However, there is a lot more to international recruitment than responding to posted ads. If you want the best possible options, you need a little bit more imagination.


“I have had five offers for full time teaching positions overseas
... and I only registered as an intern


Here's why...  Employment ads have a very high exposure level. Lots of candidates simply wait until they see a “match”. And when they see it they all apply at the same time. This generates a landslide of applications.  Your chances diminish, even if you are qualified. The other thing is that less popular the school, the more it needs to advertise. Consequently, a lot of people compete for a limited number of mediocre jobs, missing out on great opportunities available elsewhere.

Do you want to know where the real jobs are?

There are about 35,000 American, Australian, NZ, British and Canadian teachers working overseas right now. They change schools and countries every 2-4 years, moving from Athens to Rome, Tokyo to Rio de Janeiro and so on.

These are rewarding positions, with established international schools, offering comfortable tax-free salaries, great benefit packages including life/health/emergency insurance, free round trip airfare, yearly home leave, free housing and utilities, pension plans, bonuses, etc. The family atmosphere of these schools create outstanding conditions for professional growth. Are you interested? 

You can have access to these jobs within minutes!

We post new vacancies every 24 hours and you can use them to apply for work in 5 minutes! (We'll explain it in a few paragraphs.) But before you reply to the first vacancy ad  please read the whole program!

Understanding of the overseas teaching market is what makes the international recruiters LOVE our candidates. And the four essential rules to success are...

Rule #1. Do not re-invent the wheel!

If you try to, you are taking a big risk. Model your job search after our proven methods that have been successful for us and MANY other people to boost your chances.

We've taught in Europe and Japan for 19 years and there is little we don't know about the trade. Simply follow our guidelines + respond to our job ads, and you will be employed sooner than you may think! 

The bottom line? Use our information BEFORE you apply! Even many experienced overseas teachers do not know all their options.

Rule # 2. Do it now. The longer you wait, the more opportunities you will lose.

Because “later” will soon be too late. There are visa procedures, recruiters' flights and relocation hassles so the international recruiting starts early in the year and the timeline is compressed! So let's get it right the first time.

Rule #3. Do not fall victim to simple, inexcusable mistakes!

Oscar Wilde put it this way,  "I am not young enough to know everything."

This is unbelievable but the hard cold facts are... Up to 90% of all new candidates are grounded by simple, inexcusable mistakes! 

Such as:

  • Ignoring the recruitment deadlines ("later" is almost always "too late");

  • Relying on some old assumptions about international work (like, it's teaching English only);

  • Not knowing the current teaching lingo (CV, ELL, IB);

  • Being unprepared for commonly used technologies, such as Skype, online résumé / application, and so on

These are all preventable problems, they take a day or two to fix. There is simply no excuse for them!

Rule #4. There is no Rule #4. Read Rule 1, 2 and 3 again.

What's the single most important thing you can do to land a great overseas contract?  If you are like us you tend to procrastinate. Believe us, this is the worst possible mistake you could make. Nothing compares to it! Thousands of opportunities are lost every year because of procrastination.

Teaching Jobs Overseas: arrow Why is procrastination such a killer mistake?

Most international schools are far away. They do not have the luxury to interview you in your area. Even when they come to London or San Francisco for interviews, your job contract will need employment authorization, called a work visa. Processing takes time. The post office takes time. Even taking photographs for your visa takes time. It all adds up to weeks and sometimes months.  In other words, schools and teachers need a time cushion.

Do you begin to see why so many good candidates fail? They start TOO LATE! It's not about sending your resume,  there's a lot more involved.

Do not procrastinate.  Start your search NOW! 

How exactly do I “start?”  First of all go through the Guide to learn about the overseas teaching market and how it operates. At the same time, supply your information to us so that we publish your teaching résumé (CV) and other information to make you available to the recruiters.

The members area is organized in Steps:”  1. Research, 2. Apply, 3. Interview, 4. Relocate. This is your path to your next overseas position. Simply follow the steps.

Teaching Jobs Overseas: arrow Your member's package includes all you need to land a great job abroad: 


Pam and Igor: Used your information and was hired by an International School in four days. Thanks a million!”

—Will Savidge

“Following your advice, I was able to spend three wonderful years at an international school in Chile and am currently completing my second year at an international school in the Caribbean.”


I want to thank you again for your excellent resource that helped me land a very good job at Yokohama International School (Japan).”

—RC Styles

I have had five offers for full time teaching positions overseas and I only registered as an intern as I am a new Bachelor of Education graduate.

I used the techniques you provided... The director was impressed by the offers I was receiving as he only marketed me as an intern. Thanks for providing me with the tools for a slick image!”



The Daily Job Ads! click here for more.

Current and projected vacancies for US, Canadian, British, and Australian / NZ teachers: K-12, English, EFL/ESL, Music, Art, PE, French / Spanish, Science, Classroom Teachers; Librarians, Special Education, Principals, school administrators and so on. 

Teaching Jobs Overseas: arrow Browse the jobs and apply for work in 5 minutes!

The Insider Secrets to Finding a Teaching Job Overseas

The Step-by-Step Guide to K-12, ESL, and administrative international positions including UNADVERTISED vacancies. To be used with the Daily Vacancies, Online Resume Service, and The Overseas Schools Directory, —all included in your online package).

Do not apply for jobs until your read this guide!  You would put yourself at a serious disadvantage against your competition. Our Guide has been downloaded many thousand times in the past years. Most overseas teachers have used our information in one way or another.

 Your online CV / résumé
We do all the work. You only submit your information and your custom-made webpage is online within hours!

“The online CV is a fantastic idea. I am telling all my friends about your service —Jean Haynes

It's a waste of time to email your resumes, CVs, etc. as attachments. Schools do not open them for the fear of viruses. Besides, spam filters block your applications before the schools see them. The only efficient way to reach them is through your personal webpage. Click here to see how it works!

The Overseas Schools Directory 

Current job openings, contact names, email addresses, webpages, fax and phone numbers, curriculum, salaries (where available), requirements, benefits, etc. You MUST have this information if you are serious about working overseas!

And don't forget that, as a joyjobs.com member, you get full customer support! Get help at any time even if it's Saturday or Sunday!

Also included in your member's account:

International Job  Fairs - North America, Europe, Australia and other locations. Schedules, locations, registration, practical tips, participants' message board, etc.

The CV and Résumé  Sampler 
Proven résumé /CV templates for the overseas teaching market! For best results, use it together with our online resume service (included in the member's package).

Warnings and alerts
We monitor the market and update the information on the schools that you would rather avoid.

Here's what people say (unsolicited feedback):

Your excellent support materials played a significant role in our success - especially the section on the Marketing Package. 

You should be proud of the service you offer and we have told as many candidates about you and they all have your email address so hopefully they have been in touch. Jim and Karen Fidle

I am proud to report that I will be teaching chemistry starting in August at the JFK School in Berlin!

Your advice and methods (such as the website you helped me put up, the questions you personally answered, and that wonderful info.) have been absolutely right on and fun as well.

Much of my confidence and success is due to the great program you put together. Just smashing! —Chris Weiss

  the price is cheap when you compare with how much time and money I lost doing my own "trial-and error..." —Lauren

Don't procrastinate... Don't "bookmark us to come back later"...
"Later" usually means "too late"

Click here to join right away!

Seriously, do it. It will be the single best
and most important decision you make this year.

Get  the whole package for only $39.95 (yes, the resume/ web design service  is included!)

No sales tax, no hidden fees! Immediate access!
All of your job hunting expenses are deductible as miscellaneous itemized deductions.

Oh my goodness, you guys are too good! I LOVE the way you respond so quickly. And thanks a bunch! —Susan

All the advice has been right on the money, you guys are awesome! —Kimberly

I want to thank you for your excellent product. My husband and I have been extremely impressed with the quality and thoroughness of the information you've provided. —Jamie

More than 15 years of international experience

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

The info-package comes with our unconditional 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose.

This is more than a guarantee, it is a personal promise.


We have received hundreds of success letters since we launched our program in 1996. (Yes, 1996!) We can't possibly quote them all here... Join today, we guarantee that you will not regret it!

Everyone agrees... You simply won't find a more hands-on, effective, total approach to finding a teaching job overseas at any price. With our program, you can start a whole new life for the cost of two movie tickets!

Compare: The popular CIS Overseas Schools Directory contains the information on overseas schools, the CIS members primarily. It is $57.00 plus $11.50 S&H - totaling $68.50 Almost 70 dollars just for school addresses and profiles. 

It is a great book, well worth its price, but... it doesn't contain any job ads, insider information, instant email support, resume/CV service, or even advice all and much more that you receive with your joyjobs.com membership. 

As one of our customers put it, if THIS can't get you a job, nothing else will!

Teaching Jobs Overseas: arrow More information


As usual, thanks for everything! You are the best!


We got a job! A few weeks ago we went to the AASSA fair in FL and interviewed with about 5 schools.

The one we really wanted was Salvador, Brazil and we got it! Thank you very much for all of your help.

The schools really liked seeing all of the pictures and our educational philosophy. We cannot wait for our next adventure to start!

—Cristiana and Ryder

Thank you for your time and wonderful program.


Almost overwhelming in information, but so useful. I am really glad that we stumbled onto your web site. We have found the program invaluable and refer to it a lot.

—Ken and Kiri

Thanks for your service, I think you are doing a fantastic job! Sincerely,


Keep up the good work. Praying the Lord will continue to guide you both along your way. Thanks for the update, you guys are great!

—Stephanie / Cold-Cold, Ottawa, Canada

I attended the recent fair in Christchurch, NZ and have been offered a job in August. Your guide kept me calm and I can certainly say I have never been better prepared for a job interview. Thanks again,


By using your approach, Dianne and I got jobs in Kuwait this week. When we went to the Queen's Recruiting Fair tonight, we already had our jobs in our pockets! What a relief!

—Jim and Dianne Wilson

Dear Pam and Igor, I was offered 4 teaching positions!

Your advice and suggestions were invaluable in my preparations. I had two interviews lined up before the job fair began, and I was in touch with several other administrators by email as well.

I ended up accepting a Grade 4 position. I taught in Japan for 3 years, so I'm very fond of Asia and it will be wonderful to return. August can't come soon enough!

Also, thank you for setting up my website and scanning my photos I mailed to you. I would recommend you to anyone who is wishing to find a teaching job overseas! Well Done! Sincerely,

—Anita Utas


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