Nathan and Stacie Schelble

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We are an enthusiastic, optimistic, and experienced teaching couple from Buffalo, New York. Presently, we work at Canadian Academy in Kobe, Japan as a school counselor and primary teacher. Our ultimate goal is to broaden our educational and professional experiences and to be positive influences on our students. We believe that children will flourish and grow in a safe, caring, and supportive environment. We are positive role models and mentors to our students whether it is in school or in the community. Our enthusiasm for teaching and counseling are direct reflections of our passion to expand our professional horizons and foster growth in our students. We feel that we can accomplish this through international school opportunities.

I love to encounter new places and unique people with diverse backgrounds. I have traveled to thirty-five countries and now work at Canadian Academy in Kobe, Japan with my wife. From these experiences, I have learned to appreciate multiple cultures, ethnic diversities, and overseas encounters as necessary and important life experiences. In America, I enjoyed giving presentations to share my working and traveling stories. These presentations have narrowed cultural gaps, diminished stereotypes, and influenced my listeners to broaden their minds.

Being visible, approachable, and caring are effective techniques I use to be a successful school counselor. With the right guidance, support, and relationships students will succeed by realizing their own true potentials and strengths.

An educator is not only an influential role model in school, but also in the community. I enjoy getting involved with extracurricular school clubs, volunteering side by side with my students, and contributing to community events. With my permanent certification, masters in Counselor Education, and ten years as a school counselor, I am qualified to embark on an international school counseling position at any grade level. This combined with my overseas experience, flexibility, and passion for my profession makes my qualifications unique.

Experiences come from many different aspects of life. Throughout my whole life my love for working with children and people has flourished and grown. It began with my father, who has been a teacher since before I was born. He has shown me what a valuable asset a teacher can be. This helped me to proceed with all of the work I have done with children.

Being an energetic, motivated, friendly individual has taken me quite far. When I graduated from college with my teaching degree, I decided to further my education by traveling to England to student teach. I spent two months working in a level three classroom in Exeter, England.

At home in New York, I was a community volunteer since I was fifteen years old. I also worked for my town recreation department and the Boys and Girls Club where I ran many programs for young people. I have succeeded at many roles including a tutor, coach, counselor, teacher, and friend.

My husband and I spent two years working at an international school in Thailand where I was a first grade teacher. Presently, I work at Canadian Academy in Japan. The last two years I was a Kindergarten teacher. This year I worked as a curriculum assistant for three months until our daughter was born. At that point I took some time off to raise her.

I received my master's degree and my New York State Permanent Certification in 2001. I have worked in a public school as a remedial teacher and also as a head teacher in a daycare facility. I now have seven and a half years of teaching experience. All of these life accomplishments have made me the unique individual I am today.

One of my life goals is to encounter diverse cultures and touch as many lives as I can, leaving them with a positive, lasting impression. I believe it is through international teaching that I can continue to accomplish this goal.

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