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  The Hard Cold Facts: Teaching Abroad

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"If you prefer teaching to maintaining discipline then an overseas school is a better place for you..." 101 advantages of international teaching

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Find out why you haven't been able to land an overseas job. Yet!

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Pam and Igor, 15 years of international job services

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“Teaching in a US public school is not for everyone.   I have a strong personality but I am a bad policeman”


Getting your foot in the door

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Teaching Jobs Overseas: get your foot in the door


You either kick or get kicked.  What is it that makes the difference?


Every day of inaction means LOST opportunities.

Procrastination is the #1 killer disease in overseas job hunting.
You are your own agent

As an overseas teacher, you are not represented by any union or any other organization. For those who rely on passive methods it is a problem. And it also is a great opportunity for those who leverage on their personal ability, skills, and information. 

This is what our program gives you.

Some people email us: "Where can I find information on teaching overseas?" — It is right here! International employment for teachers is all we do. The information is plentiful and available immediately. Use the sigh up link for immediate access to jobs and downloads!

I had 13 schools request interviews with me - I had to turn some interviews down simply because of time limitations. I ended up choosing the computer job in Mali — a great rare opportunity to design a computer lab the way I want to - in a school of 80 students!

The JoyJobs website for my résumé proved to be a great resource for prospective schools. I have recommended the JoyJobs to others looking for an overseas teaching job. Thanks so much. A real find!

—Melissa Enderle

  What has really surprised me is the amazing vocabulary of the students here. They put our public school students to shame. I'm teaching with higher standards here, and at a higher level (with younger students) than I did back in America. It's really incredible.

For one night's homework, I can assign four pages of out of a workbook, a chapter to read, a composition to write, and the students DO the work—and on time! I'm blown away! We mostly have discussions in class—the kind of teaching I always imagined myself doing.

The kids here work really hard. They go to public school during the day and go to language lessons and/or tutoring in the evening for a total of eight different classes a day. I wish American students had a greater appreciation for the educational opportunities that they have.

Besides enjoying my students, I enjoy living in Greece. When I'm not working, I'm living in a newly built apartment that is only 100 meters from the Gulf of Corinth—at night I can hear the waves crashing onto the beach. (I'm in the village of Pitsa, in the "state" of Corinthia, in the area of Greece called the Peloponnese, and I'm right on the northern coast, which is to the west of the city of Corinth.)

My employers pay my rent and utilities, so all I have to worry about is my internet/phone bill.

Wendy Irwing

Teaching Overseas

Is it expensive?

Everyone agrees... you simply won't find a more hands-on, effective, total approach to finding a teaching job overseas at any price. When it comes to a life-changing decision, such moving abroad, the $39.95 price tag is ridiculous. If you think that such investment is too high a risk you may not be ready to take an international plunge.

Compare: attending an international recruiting fair will cost you a thousand dollars or more, depending on the location. (Airfare: $300-$1,000+, hotel: $200-$300, fair registration: $100-$200, new clothes/shoes: $200-$500, meals and city transportation $100-$150).

As educators, we know the difference that knowledge and information can make! In fact, many candidates use our services specifically to prepare for job fairs (interview questions, resume preparation, etc).

Others bypass the fairs and apply for jobs directly using our online resume / vacancy posting services. Save time, money and frustration:


“Don’t get eaten alive because your competitor has all the information and tools and you don't!”

I have recently been offered a job at an international school in Switzerland.
Applying all the way from New Zealand, I really didn't think I would have much of a chance and I think I can thank your information for giving the confidence that I could apply for jobs in an acceptable way - if that makes sense - that would give me a shot.
I found your hints for writing application emails to be particularly helpful. —NN.

Thank you for this wonderful website. It has been a life blood for me and my school.

We have two teachers through it and they are good people.

Our school has not the money to do the job fairs or to pay for
advertisements so this is a wonderful provision. —Sandra C.

You guys may be my best investment, thus far in this overwhelming job search!
—via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

Igor - Thank you for your efforts to update my cover letter and resume. You did not have to do this until Monday. You are certainly entitled to a weekend, too! Now Pam is going to be after me for taking you away! LOL!

I appreciate your efforts on my behalf. I will do my best to represent your website with dignity, integrity, and best efforts always, and remain
Always a friend,



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